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Business Strategy Analysis

Identifying operational efficiency, financial management, marketing and sales, HR, and delivery issues through the collaboration of T-shaped experts.

Conducting Strategic Sessions

Goal setting, strategic planning, competitor analysis, market assessment, and more. Facilitating helps teams to focus on critical issues and make informed decisions.

Support in Strategy Implementation

Assistance in planning and executing specific steps, collaborating with T-shaped specialists, and addressing issues that may arise during the execution of the strategy.

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“Our work with Strategy Area has resulted in the updated strategy as the primary outcome. Also, an external expert's new competent perspective and mentoring support enhanced our processes and skills. We're delighted to work with the team of consultants provided by Strategy Area and dive deep into the core challenges our business has regarding strategy. Thanks to the SA team!”

Andrey Gadashevich
CEO @ MakebeCool (Shopify Agency)

“Previously, we only had some drafts regarding strategy and processes, but now we have a clear and more formalized vision of these areas. I want to thank Strategy Area and Olga Shapran, who took on the Advisory board member role. As a result of this collaboration, our company's development has accelerated, and we have experienced nearly double growth in our workforce and revenue.”

Dmytro Hlants
CEO @ Grodas - Shopify Development Company

“The Strategy Area's team of experts working with PioGroup Software successfully developed a strategy for the company, which helped guide its actions and decision-making. The PG team achieved alignment and cohesion through collaborative efforts, improved communication, and a more streamlined workflow. We will involve Strategy Area in our strategy development again in the future.”

Olga Makarenko
HRD @ PioGroup Software

“The greatest benefit of working with Strategy Area and Olha Shapran was the systemic approach, which gave us a precise understanding of our services and target clients. This enabled us to adopt a profound strategy to help us stand out among our competitors.”

Tetyana Vynnichenko
CEO @ PRO.D Agency (Digital Marketing Agency)

“With the help of the strategic session held by Strategy Area, the team has developed a well-defined roadmap for the company to adopt SDA's strategy. They have utilized different strategic tools. Moreover, they have created a detailed plan outlining specific objectives and actions to achieve long-term success. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved in this project. Thank you for the opportunity to work as a team, to unlock your potential, and to conceive new ideas and goals.”

Olexander Shubin
CEO @ SDA - software development company

“The Strategy Area's goal-setting approach proved highly beneficial to me as a leader and founder, breaking down long-term goals into manageable tasks. The guidance and support offered by Olga Shapran, the strategist, were invaluable, with advice and help always available whenever required. I highly recommend Strategy Area's services to anyone looking to overcome business challenges and improve their strategy development process.”

Kateryna Prokopenko
Founder and CEO “Saintis” - System Integrator Company

I am grateful to Olga for her exceptional help with setting up the strategy implementation system, the tools she provided for task tracking and the methodology for detailed monitoring of project implementation. Thanks to work with Olga, we learned to emphasize the strategy and clearly plan and monitor the results of the team's tasks. I definitely recommend Olga Shapran as a qualified strategist with relevant experience and a clear vision of the client's goals and ways to achieve such goals.

Olena Kalantaievska
Head of Mariupol city site



Rina Sushkova


  • Strategic planning and consultations regarding the existing strategy
  • Building an effective company structure and processes
  • People management and development
  • Development and training of project managers, Delivery quality
  • Agile processes and tools
  • Sales
  • Agile Individual and group coaching for managers and company owners

Alina Zaiets


  • Successfully setting up marketing processes in a company
  • How to set up advertising correctly to maximize lead generation
  • Develop a marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals
  • Choosing the right channels for customer acquisition
  • Unlocking the company's potential for rapid scaling
  • Agile Individual and group coaching for managers and company owners

Iryna Begma


  • Ways to improve the interaction between sales and marketing departments to achieve better sales results
  • Secrets of successfully closing deals for substantial amounts, especially in UX/UI prototyping, business analysis, and development services in healthcare, consulting services, and government sectors
  • How to collaboratively develop and nurture an effective communication channel with partners
  • Strategies for addressing specific sales and marketing challenges including increasing conversion rates, expanding the customer base, and enhancing brand awareness
  • How to build a successful career in sales and marketing, including developing leadership qualities and skills in these areas

Anton Shulyk


  • Optimization of financial processes and strategies
  • Strategic planning and strategic development of companies
  • Consultations for businesses with different turnover levels, including financial analysis and optimization
  • Financial management and accounting with ACCA financial qualification
  • Entrepreneurship, finance, and business management in international contexts

Valentyna Myronenko


Getting started with hiring

Attracting industry leaders without a strong HR brand

Building a strong recruitment team

Designing an effective recruitment process for speed and quality hiring

Assessing recruiter team effectiveness

Building quality and collaborative interaction with hiring managers

Key metrics for continuous hiring improvement

Training hiring managers to feel confident in personnel recruitment

Conducting an audit of existing recruitment processes to identify growth areas

Secrets of successful hunting

Olena Lysykh

Art of Negotiation training

Preparation for challenging negotiations

Systematic training in team negotiation

Negotiating with clients

Coaching for business owners

Olga Makarenko


Establishing and optimizing HR processes in IT companies

Developing HR strategy through understanding business needs

Employer branding

Conducting 1:1 sessions

Setting up the employee training process


Strategy Area was founded and is developed by the Chief Visionary Olga Shapran

Mentor in building management development and consulting programs for IT companies at MRPL IT Cluster.

Has over a decade of experience in the IT business, starting as a project manager and eventually becoming a managing partner of a technology company.

Led the company's strategic repositioning from various directions into the EdTech sector.

Played a role in transitioning the company from a service-based to a product-based business model, becoming part of the team that launched a digital learning platform currently available in European, American, Canadian, and Australian markets.

Committed to continuous learning and development, with a background in programs for executives from institutions such as Harvard Business School, Blue Ocean Strategy Academy, KMBS, and LvBS.

Is involved as a consultant for various international organizations and donors aiming to help the IT sector in Ukraine.

Acts as a mentor for CEOs and advisor on Advisory Boards for Ukrainian IT companies.Conducted an extensive study titled "How Strategy is Formed in Service-based IT Companies" involving 165 companies while mentoring at the Growth Factory, a club for IT entrepreneurs.

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