Case Study

70% Revenue Growth & $795K App Acquisition


MakeBeCool, a leading Shopify development company, faced inefficiencies in strategy execution due to a lack of clarity and control mechanisms. Revenue surged by 70% within the next 12 months through a revamped strategy framework. Thanks to the rapid growth indicators, their app, MBС Bundles, was acquired for $795,000.

Shopify Development
Client Geography:
Estonia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany, and Canada.
Headcount before:
Consulting Period:
April 2022 and ongoing
Number of Consultants involved:
Business areas enhanced:
Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Delivery, HR Processes, and Finances.


The company already had a strategizing process in the team. The strategy seemed structured: they identified the target markets and products. Yet, it wasn’t working efficiently. They faced the following challenges:

The existing strategy lacked efficiency and lacked step-by-step execution logic.
Difficulty in identifying activities necessary for conquering target markets.
Lack of control and assessment mechanisms hindered the tracking of strategy execution.
Enhancing strategy framework to synchronize departments, including Marketing, Sales, Delivery, HR, and Finance
Ensuring all team members understand company direction and their specific strategic tasks.
Clarifying the responsibilities of each team member in achieving strategic objectives.

The goal was to rethink the existing strategy and conceptualize the framework to make it more straightforward to achieve strategic objectives.

Project roadmap

According to the client’s challenge and request, the CEO of MakeBeCool, Andrey Gadashevich, started to work closely with the Strategy Area consultant through personal consultations and workshops. During the project, the client and the consultant have decomposed the existing strategy to identify inefficiencies. 

As a result, they discovered the key issue – there was no understanding of which team was responsible for each strategy vector. The Strategy Area consultant suggested a new strategy framework customized to the client’s needs. It has bridged the written-down strategy with the system of its execution. 

First, the company implemented a new strategic framework in one of the projects, MBС Bundles. This app simplifies bundle creation for Shopify owners, enabling quick customization of product groupings. The framework was translated to the company’s project management tool, where the strategy execution tasks were formed, assigned, and tracked.

Success in numbers

*After the first 12 months of consulting compared to the indicators before the start


Growth of revenue


MBС Bundles was acquired for


70% revenue growth through streamlined strategy execution
The new framework allowed for a decrease in time and effort spent on strategy execution control–the strategy started to work as a system. It enabled more flexibility and experiments with strategic plan adjustment depending on achieved results.

MBС Bundles was acquired for $795,000 due to rapid growth
The company's first product, for which it fully implemented a new strategy execution framework, doubled revenue within the next 12 months. Its growth speed has attracted investors, who acquired MBC Bundles for $795,000.

Increased predictability of strategic goal achievement
Enhanced transparency in company processes became integral to strategy execution. The new framework catalyzed the restructuring of all company processes, leading to higher result predictability.

Higher productivity through the digitalization of strategy execution.
The new framework has created a system that automates setting tasks for more efficient and quality strategy implementation with the same human resources.

Future plans

To maintain the relevance of the strategy, and have external expert support and a point of view, the CEO of MakeBeCool plans to regularly engage Strategy Area consultants to work out the following issues:

Strategy execution review

Validation of strategic initiatives

Short-term plans update

Process redesign to meet the emerging market needs

“Strategy is not a tool for one person. When I sought consulting, I already had some experience in strategizing, team involvement, and certain strategizing processes. The result of strategy execution consulting gave the company an X2 growth revenue and a successful acquisition of one of the projects. If you need to build a strategy from scratch, the result of implementing a strategy execution framework, team involvement, the right strategy process, and regular strategy sessions can give a 4-5 times increase in performance.”

Andrey Gadashevich,

CEO at MakeBeCool