Case Study

Enhanced Marketing & Sales Strategy


Advanced Software Development, or ASD Team, overhauled Marketing and Sales strategies during the 3-month consulting period, enhancing lead generation and negotiation skills. It resulted in a five-year vision and improved client acquisition. The project propelled ASD's business processes, fostering strategic growth and refining Marketing and Sales tactics.

Software Development
Client Geography:
USA, Europe
Headcount before:
Consulting Period:
June-August 2023
Number of Consultants involved:
Business areas enhanced:
Strategy Sales Marketing


The company's primary concern was predicting new customer acquisitions or contracts and establishing additional client acquisition channels. They encountered the following challenges:

Need for more skills in channel development
Identifying new avenues for client acquisition
Predict new customer acquisitions
Develop additional channels for client acquisition

Pavlo Boiko, CEO of ASD, sought expert assistance in formulating a comprehensive Marketing and Sales strategy.

Project roadmap

In response to ASD Team’s challenges and requests, we opted for the Consulting 360° Service, encompassing processes audit and optimization in Strategy, Sales, and Marketing. Additionally, ASD Team actively engaged in training sessions on Sales Processes and the Art of Negotiations. The team members addressed challenges, inefficiencies, and skill gaps for three months. The activities conducted included:

June - July 2023

  • Marketing consulting

June - August 2023

  • Strategy consulting
  • Sales Processes training

July - August 2023

  • The Art of Negotiations training

Success in numbers


Developing a unified strategy for MQL & SQL generation
The company identified the two most efficient lead generation channels during the Marketing consulting. Their Marketing team can now analyze and forecast new client acquisitions.

Forming a 5-year company vision via Strategy development
The company has developed a vision for the next five years, setting strategic goals for the next 1.5 years with defined 6-month projects, initiatives, and milestones.

Enhancing the team’s negotiation and communication skills
ASD Team can now share perspectives, accept alternative viewpoints, and foster open communication. It facilitates agreement, strategic understanding, and collaborative goal achievement.

Future plans

ASD Team intends to continue working with the following directions:

Monitoring the company strategy implementation every three months and brainstorming new initiatives for the next six months.

Assessing the implementation and effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

Enhancing sales representatives' skills to improve retention and acquire relevant clients continually.

"Participation in the project has greatly benefited our company. We gained a fresh perspective on our business processes and identified areas for improvement that we hadn't previously considered. As a result, we have reviewed and improved our Marketing and Sales strategies."

Pavlo Boiko,