Case Study

20% Revenue Growth within 5 Months


MixDigital, a Ukrainian creative digital agency with over a decade of experience, aimed to expand to the European market. The company needed to set up Sales & Marketing processes and redesign HR & Recruitment strategies to accommodate rapid growth. After five months of strategic optimization and training sessions, they achieved a 20% sales growth, acquired 12 new clients, and recruited 15 new employees.  

Digital Advertising
Client Geography:
USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Norway, etc.
Headcount before:
Consulting Period:
June-October 2023
Number of Consultants involved:
Business areas enhanced:
Sales, Marketing, HR, Recruiting


MixDigital faced challenges when scaling. The company had three key goals they wanted to achieve through consulting.

Increase revenue on the domestic market
Enter the European market
Build company processes and infrastructure to facilitate seamless growth within a short time

The company required updates to its Sales and Marketing processes and redesigning its HR and Recruitment strategies to enhance expertise for timely recruitment and training of team members. Georgiy Petrushin, CEO at MixDigital, turned for advice.

Project roadmap

Based on the team’s request, we have chosen Consulting 360° Service spanning processes audit and optimization in Sales, Marketing, HR & Recruiting as the best solution.
During the five months of work, the MixDigital Team has worked out their challenges by being deeply involved in the following activities.

July - October 2023

  • Sales Processes training
  • Project Management training

September - October 2023

  • Marketing strategy development
  • HR & Recruitment processes audit+optimization
  • The Art Negotiations training

Success in numbers

*After the 5-months of consulting compared to indicators before the start


sales growth 


monthly revenue 


new clients acquired


new employees recruited


Increased Sales by 20%, acquiring 12 new clients
MixDigital strengthened its Sales and Marketing departments and boosted Sales by redesigning roles and responsibilities and hiring TOP-qualified team members.

Boosted revenue by 15% with improved Marketing
The Marketing team received useful tools for analysis and forecasting. It resulted in increased monthly revenue through upgraded acquisition channels.

Recruited and onboarded 15 new team members
By improving recruitment infrastructure, the company has enhanced HR processes, HR brand strategy, and facilitated seamless team growth.

Future plans

MixDigital plans to continue working with consultants to ensure:

Regular review and alignment of the company’s scaling strategies

Validation of the Marketing and Sales processes based on achieved results

Timely updates of the HR & Recruiting strategies for seamless business growth

“Our staff increased by more than 20% during the consulting period. We got new clients and increased sales. Accordingly, the indicators in all business functions have improved after the consulting… Now, we continue to implement the scaling strategies, and we will definitely keep working on process optimization to grow seamlessly. The advising we received will allow us to achieve significantly more remarkable results than we could have without obtaining it.”

Georgiy Petrushin

CEO at MixDigital