Case Study

Strategic Alignment & 10% Sales Growth


ITExpert, an IT recruiting agency, underwent strategic reinvention to align sales and marketing efforts, resulting in a notable 10% sales growth within five months. Through targeted training and strategy development, the company achieved improved predictability in client acquisition and enhanced team alignment, driving successful business outcomes.

IT Recruitment
Client Geography:
Ukraine, USA, Poland, Romania, and worldwide
Headcount before:
Consulting Period:
July-October 2023
Number of Consultants involved:
Business areas enhanced:
Strategy Sales Marketing


ITExpert needed to update and systemize all sales-related processes to facilitate seamless business growth. The company’s primary challenges were to:

Redesign its Sales & Marketing departments
Systemize lead-generation and sales-related processes
Establish effective KPIs for all client acquisition activities.

The CEO at ITExpert, Stanislav Shikhov, sought expert advice to overcome the pitfalls in achieving these objectives.

Project roadmap

While the company wanted to concentrate its efforts on Sales and Marketing business functions improvement, the Project Consultant identified challenges in alignment between the team members. ITExpert was also advised to rethink and develop the new company’s Strategy. Over the four-month period, the team received the following services.

September-October 2023

  • Strategy development
  • Marketing processes audit+optimization
  • The Art of Negotiations training

July-October 2023

  • Sales Processes training
  • Project Management training

Success in numbers

*After the 4-month consulting compared to the indicators before the start


Growth of sales


New clients


New employees


Achieved 10% sales growth by refining sales processes.
The company has implemented the first KPIs for Sales Reps and started to work with specific ICPs to increase conversion rates. The ITExpert has already increased sales by 10%.

Acquired 3 new clients through enhanced predictability
The company gained three new clients thanks to improved predictability from tracking metrics. ITExpert can now cost contracts accurately and select profitable client acquisition channels.

Hired 6 new employees who share the company’s vision.
The ITExpert has aligned strategy among the management team and hired six team members who share the company's vision, fostering team growth and shared objectives.

Efficiency & cost savings through Marketing goal setting
The company management learned to set realistic marketing goals with their current resources. It enabled ITExpert to allocate resources efficiently and save costs.

Improved Sales and Marketing department alignment.
The company has developed a deep connection between Sales and Marketing efforts. It allowed to improve efficiency and drive conversions by streamlining the goal-setting process across departments.

Future plans

ITExpert plans to work with Marketing & Sales directions to continuously:

Align the strategy throughout the departments

Gain a shared vision of the company’s future and critical business objectives

Regularly review and update Sales & Marketing strategies based on business objectives and the achieved results

“We did not have proven experience in strategizing before, but as a result of the sessions, we understood what steps we needed to take. The strategy is to look a few steps ahead, fix them, and build a path of action to achieve them. We managed to agree [company management] and move in one direction. The consulting program and mentors were as involved as possible and encouraged us to achieve results.”

Stanislav Shikhov,
CEO at ITExpert