Case Study

15% Sales Surge & Enhanced Operations


Wise Vision, a software and web development company, sought consulting to transition to new long-term projects and redesign business processes for expansion. They achieved a 15% sales growth through tailored strategies and training, optimized financial processes, and seamlessly onboarded new employees, setting the stage for continued success.

Software and Web Development
Client Geography:
USA, Europe
Headcount before:
Consulting Period:
June-August 2023
Number of Consultants involved:
Business areas enhanced:
Strategy Sales Finance HR


The company needed a boost to reach a new level of business growth. They faced the following challenges in achieving this objective.

Shifting to new long-term projects from the existing business model
Testing new opportunities
Unlocking growth potential

Nikita Kompanets, CEO at Wise Vision, sought consulting to streamline HR processes, improve financial reporting and structure, and develop a comprehensive business strategy.

Project roadmap

A tailored consulting roadmap was designed to respond to the company’s specific requests and goals. The strategic consulting phase aimed to align the company's direction with its objectives. At the same time, financial consulting, HR consulting, and Sales Processes training were implemented to enhance financial structures, optimize HR processes, and elevate sales strategies. The training sessions on Project Management and The Art of Negotiations aimed to equip the team with essential skills for effective project handling and negotiation prowess.

June - August 2023

  • Strategy consulting

July - August 2023

  • Financial consulting
  • HR consulting
  • Sales Processes training
  • Project Management training

September - October 2023

  • The Art of Negotiations training

Success in numbers

*After the 3-month consulting compared to the indicators before the start


Sales growth


Sales growth per Developer


Monthly Revenue


new employees


Sales surged by 15% through enhanced sales strategies
The Sales processes training has improved sales performance, leading to a 15% sales growth (10% Sales growth per Developer). It boosted revenue and fostered financial stability.

Optimizing Sales & finances boosted revenue by 10%
Financial consulting improved budgeting and cost management, enhancing financial reporting accuracy and ultimately fostering financial stability and profitability for the organization.

Two new hires seamlessly onboarded with new HR processes
HR consulting allowed the company to create HR job descriptions, establish robust HR processes, and outline clear team roles, facilitating further business growth.

Crafting strategic projects with visualized and structured goals
The strategy consultant's guidance was pivotal in identifying key initiatives, prioritizing objectives, and implementing projects, resulting in successful team alignment.

Transitioning to the ITFin ERP system streamlined processes
The financial consultant helped Wise Vision seamlessly switch to a new, more efficient ERP system, increasing productivity and better informing financial decision-making for the business.

Future plans

The company is determined to keep working on the following initiatives:

Review and align the company's strategy in accordance with key business objectives and market demands. 

Monitor the implementation of the company strategy every three months, brainstorming new initiatives for the next six months. 

Enhance sales representatives' skills for improved retention and acquisition of relevant clients.

Ensure timely updates to HR & Recruiting strategies to facilitate seamless growth.

"For our team, the most significant impact of the program has been the development of a new company strategy for the next six months and the change in the metrics used to assess the effectiveness of our projects. The sessions with a finance mentor were also very valuable, as they included a detailed analysis and adjustment of our financial system."

Nikita Kompanets

CEO at WiseVision