Case Study

30% Revenue Surge in 6 Months


Saintis, an information services and security system integrator, grappled with aligning its team and charting a sustainable growth path. Through strategic sessions and organizational restructuring, including value proposition refinement and team expansion, Saintis achieved a 30% revenue growth and a 15% increase in team size within six months.

Information Technology Integration
Client Geography:
Headcount before:
Consulting Period:
May - October 2021
Number of Consultants involved:
Business areas enhanced:
Growth Strategy, Strategic Marketing


The company encountered the challenge of aligning its team and defining a clear path toward sustainable growth, focusing on strengthening its position and enhancing operations. Consulting objectives encompassed:

Team alignment
Conducting strategic sessions
Brainstorming value proposition
Creating ICPs and client interaction strategies
Securing CEO mentoring sessions for effective strategic growth

Project roadmap

At the client's request and aligned with their objectives, Strategy Area experts recommended developing a business growth strategy and establishing a strategy implementation framework. The consulting engagement encompassed the following initiatives:

3 within 6 months

  • Executive business reviews

10 sessions within 6 months

  • Mentoring sessions for the CEO

1 session within 6 months

  • A strategic session for the management team
  • On-demand support of Heads of Departments

Success in numbers

*After the first six months of consulting, compared to the indicators before the start


Revenue growth


Team growth


30% revenue growth with the new value proposition
It showcased the effectiveness of the refined value proposition in resonating with the target audience and ICPs and capitalizing on market opportunities.

Through organizational restructuring, the team increased by 15%
During the consulting period, the company strategically updated its business model. Having identified new roles and redefined existing ones, they recruited qualified candidates.

Focus on identifying long-term strategic goals and initiatives
A strategic session with extensive preparation enabled the team to formulate long-term goals and develop a detailed, actionable plan to pursue them effectively.

Established a system for ongoing evaluation and adjustment
Implemented a structured mechanism for ongoing assessment and adaptation of strategies, ensuring the company remains on track toward its objectives.

Future plans

Following the substantial growth achieved within months of consulting, the company intends to further engage specialists, particularly marketers, for continued development. Expansion of leadership roles, ongoing strategy refinement, and CEO mentoring will remain focal points to ensure sustained progress and address strategic hurdles.

"The Strategy Area consultant's approach to goal-setting was highly beneficial to me as a leader and founder. Their techniques helped me break down both my personal and the company's long-term goals into smaller, more manageable tasks that the team could accomplish step-by-step. It made the overall process less daunting and allowed us to make consistent progress towards our goals. Additionally, their significant guidance and support at every project stage were invaluable. Thanks to Strategy Area’s effective methods, we achieved our company's goals and stayed motivated throughout the process. I highly recommend Strategy Area services to anyone looking to improve their strategy development process and overcome business challenges."

Kateryna Prokopenko

CEO and Founder at Saintis