Case Study

Scaling Success with 7% Revenue Growth


URich, a Shopify boutique agency creating and designing e-commerce websites, overcame economic challenges after the 3-month consulting. The company boosted sales by 7% and acquired three new clients. Through strategic planning and process optimization, they stabilized finances, enhanced operational efficiency, and laid the groundwork for future growth.

E-commerce Web and Mobile Development
Client Geography:
Headcount before:
Consulting Period:
June-August 2023
Number of Consultants involved:
Business areas enhanced:
Strategy Sales Marketing Finance HR


URich faced a shrinking customer base, cash flow gaps, and a lack of performance measurement systems amid a global economic turndown. The key obstacles included:

Navigating a global economic recession
Diminishing customer base
Cash flow gaps
Absence of performance measurement systems
Ensuring all team members understand company direction and their specific strategic tasks.
Development of a strategic plan for company growth with digitized metrics and tasks for each department
Detailed descriptions of company processes, as well as digitization of departmental performance results and effectiveness in the form of a dashboard
A plan for stabilizing the financial situation and a complete list of necessary documents for financial management

Financial instability, unpredictability, and the lack of a Sales department hindered the URich team from progressing faster.

Project roadmap

Addressing the company’s challenges and requests, we chose the Consulting 360° Service, which included consulting in Strategy, Finance, and Marketing. Additionally, the URich team proactively participated in training sessions focused on Sales Processes and Project Management. Over three months, team members addressed challenges, inefficiencies, and skill gaps. The conducted activities encompassed:

June - August 2023

  • Strategy consulting

June - July 2023

  • Marketing consulting
  • Financial consulting

July - August 2023

  • Sales Processes training
  • Project Management training

Success in numbers

*After the 3-month consulting compared to the indicators before the start


new clients


new employees have been recruited


sales growth


sales growth per Developer


monthly revenue


Increasing sales and revenue by 7% with a focused marketing plan
The team has developed marketing plans, adjusted goals, identified priorities, and allocated resources. It resulted in 7% sales and revenue growth, facilitating further expansion.

Acquiring 3 new clients helped to develop a financial stability plan
With financial consulting, URich closed low-margin endeavors, and learned to evaluate project viability. They acquired three new clients and mitigated cash flow gaps.

Creating a strategic plan with digitized metrics for each department
The company designed digitized metrics for departmental KPIs. It facilitated data-driven assessment that streamlined workflows. URich hired two new employees to achieve strategic goals.

Improving operational efficiency through high-level optimization
URich mapped and optimized key workflows, fostering seamless operations. Additionally, implementing one-to-one meetings improved team communication and collaboration.

Enhancing communication with existing and former customers
The company has expanded cooperation with one existing client and successfully re-engaged two previous clients, bringing 6 individuals onto these two projects.

Future plans

The URich team plans to leverage the developed growth strategy and business processes to scale efficiently. The company plans to:

Monitor company strategy implementation and brainstorm new initiatives in the upcoming six months.

Evaluate Marketing initiatives to ensure the maximal efficiency of the efforts.

Implement the obtained knowledge of Sales processes to build an efficient Sales department and continuously improve the team’s skills to acquire relevant clients.

"After participating in the project, our team gained an understanding of how marketing works in our industry. We were able to create a plan and learned how to follow it clearly without getting distracted. We received many practical recommendations, and it is evident that the information is useful and will be applied in practice."

Sergii Anufriiev

CEO at URich