Case Study

Doubled Revenue Within 18 Months


Grodas, a Shopify development company, sought advising to enhance their business growth strategy. Over 18 months, with Strategy Area's guidance, they doubled revenue and are transitioning to a different business model.

Shopify development
Client Geography:
Headcount before:
Consulting Period:
June 2022 - ongoing
Number of Consultants involved:
Business areas enhanced:
Growth Strategy, Strategic Marketing


The company had a roadmap for development but not a strategy. The roadmap also needed to be detailed and systematized for successful implementation and execution. To meet the business goals, Grodas needed help with strategizing, CEO mentoring, and developing a Strategy execution system. The primary goals for consulting included:

Developing the company’s Growth Strategy and its execution system for the next five years
Transitioning to another business model, building a product department within the existing service business model
Building a strong team of Heads of Departments
Conducting comprehensive business health assessments and ongoing monitoring of business functions
Getting personalized mentoring sessions for the CEO

Project roadmap

Based on the client’s request and goals, Strategy Area experts suggested building a business growth strategy and setting up a Strategy implementation system. During the first 18-month milestone, the Strategy Area consultant acted as an Advisory Board Member in charge of Growth Strategy and Strategic Marketing, which resulted in doubled revenue by the end of the milestone. 

The consulting project comprised the following activities:

6 within 18 months

  • Executive business review

9 within 18 months

  • Mentoring sessions for the CEO

1 within 18 months

  • A strategic session for the management team

2 within 18 months

  • Strategic midterm milestone review
  • On-demand support of Heads of Departments

Success in numbers

*After the first 18 months of consulting compared to the indicators before the start




Team growth


Doubled revenue within 18 months
Developing and implementing the company's Growth Strategy improved performance and profitability twofold during the first 1.5-year milestone, facilitating seamless team growth.

Supervised integration of a new business model
The Strategy Area consultant, acting as an Advisory Board Member, ensured alignment with company objectives and facilitated the integration of a new business model.

Strategy execution system set up
A robust strategy execution system was established, enabling streamlined implementation of key initiatives. It ensured alignment with organizational goals and facilitated sustainable business growth.

Better decision-making based on data analysis and insights
The CEO and management team learned to leverage data-driven insights to inform strategic decisions and optimize business outcomes.

Endured the global crisis, achieving resilience and growth
Thanks to a clear strategy execution system, the company weathered turbulent economic times with remarkable adaptability and resilience, maintaining consistent growth.

Future plans

After achieving remarkable growth during the first 18 months of the consulting project, the company will continue the 5-year strategy execution plan.

The CEO and the management team plan to keep strategizing, mentoring, and advising on necessary directions to overcome strategic challenges.

“We are proud to engage the Strategy Area consultant as a member of our Advisory Board. They are a highly esteemed specialist in strategy development and execution, particularly in the IT sector. Thanks to Strategy Area's help, our innovative strategy execution system attracts and retains highly motivated technical professionals driven by our clients' success. These processes have accelerated our company's development, and we have experienced double growth in terms of both our workforce and revenue.”

Dmytro Hlants

CEO at Grodas